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About Us

TMS MEDICAL SUPPLY LTD. specializes in manufacturing and distribution of innovative single use products. These products are used in operating rooms in hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.


The TMS organization evolved From Trupharm Medical Supply's rise to meet the challenge of high quality distribution in our local market. As TMS grew and developed its own range of disposable products under the TMS brand, we began our export activity .

Being a part of the Trupharm group of companies brings the TMS organization a wealth of experience and "know how" in various areas of manufacturing, marketing, logistics, and distribution. This experience provides TMS with a significant platform for growth in the international market.

TMS is currently represented in over 30 countries through our network of international distributors in Europe, the Far East, the Middle East, North America, and Africa.


TMS's manufacturing activity is based on a team of creative professionals highly committed to the production and design of high quality single use medical products, meeting the ever growing demand for improved functionality and ease of use.

Our manufacturing is performed under the strictest ISO 13485:2003 guidelines and regulations utilizing modern clean rooms and advanced packaging equipment.

All TMS products are CE mark accredited.

All of our products are latex free.

Sales and Distribution

We at TMS are proud of our ongoing partnership with the TMS distributors and agents world wide. It is our objective to develop a close partnership with all of our business partners, working in total cooperation and commitment to their day to day sales and marketing activity, sharing with them our extensive experience and understanding in our market segment.

It is our business objective to work with local national distributors in each market, sharing with them our dedication to innovation, improved service ,and developing long lasting business relationships

The TMS team is looking forward to share with new business partners the growth opportunity presented in new markets, with our product range.

It is our goal to support, direct, train and assist our distributor's and agent in every market. TMS is committed to being involved in every aspect of the business cycle, per our business partners' need

Being a global company we at TMS are constantly seeking cost effective, practical solutions to assist our distributors and agents in improving delivery times, shipping costs , and modifications of products to meet specific needs within specific markets.

At TMS we believe that "when we take care of our customers we take care of ourselves".

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